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    A Well-Known Trademark in China

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    Company introduction

    Wuhan jinghe Chemical Co,.Ltd, founded in 1975, is located in dongxihu district, wuhan city, hubei province, China. And it’s a professional  enterprise specialized in manufacturing fine chemical products. Company ground the technique industry park area with new thing lake Wu jia shan’s cross-straits in Wuhan City, in 107 National Freeways, 318 National Freeways, Jin Zhu high speed, Hu Rong high speed hand over to remit place, be apart from an airport, train station, port all only more than ten kilometers, land-and-water empty transportation very convenient. Presently, we occupy an area of 12,000 m2, and have assets over 100 million yuan RMB. The total annual output is over 15000 tons.

    The main products of us are more than 50 kinds, covered four serials which are rubber aids, petroleum additives, plastic acids and oilfield chemicals. In which rubber aids contained vulcanizers, accelerators, antioxidants, dispersants, peptizers, reinforcing resins, vulcanizing resins and tackifying resins and so on. Nowadays, we have been one of the domestic leading manufacturers and suppliers in rubber aids. Due to the excellent product quality and the best reputation, our products are sold well all provinces and areas in China, and partly exported to southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Japan and Taiwan.

    Our company has got the quality management system certification of ISO9001-2008, and we will persist in improving quality management and promoting the product quality, thus to better service  all customers.

    We worm-heartedly welcome our friends from home and abroad to visit us for sincere cooperation and common prosperity.